10 Australiana Artists

10 of the Best Emerging Australiana Artists

Have you heard? Australiana is cool again. After all, who isn’t inspired by this sun-drenched country, with its breathtaking landscapes, unique flora & fauna and laidback beach culture? Once considered kitsch, Australiana is actually one of our most sought after artwork categories.

The resurgence of Australiana has seen icons that were brash and daggy re-emerge as more subtle and self-aware. The 10 artists below either embrace the fun, quirky and nostalgic side of Australia or celebrate our incredible landscapes, culture and wildlife.

Hayley Kruger: Floral Australiana

Hayley Kruger is another artist who chose to make Australia her home when relocating from overseas. She grew up in South Africa, but has since settled on Australia’s West Coast. Her acrylic work explores the effect of light on botanical forms to showcase their variety of shapes.

“I take my cues from the local Australia flora as well as the traditional flowers that I’ve been drawn to my entire life. I am exploring the mesmerizing strength and beauty in the architectural form of the native plants. The bold colours and shapes inspire me to thrive in this vast and glorious land.”

Emergence by Hayley Kruger